Fertility Testing

Take control of your fertility future.

At Viera Fertility, we’re all about helping you feel empowered to take control of your fertility future. Fertility testing is the most accurate way to start the process and inform your selection of fertility treatments. We are proud to offer a wide selection of diagnostic testing and procedures right here in our Melbourne clinic, providing a convenient and comprehensive place for you to begin or continue your journey.

Fertility Testing

Our experts can gain valuable insight into the potential causes of your fertility issues and develop a personalized treatment plan based on information gained through fertility testing and diagnostic procedures. Performing fertility testing upfront can save you valuable time and treatment expense as you progress through your fertility journey by helping you avoid unnecessary procedures and selecting the most viable courses of treatment.


Your medical, reproductive, and family history can play a major factor in your fertility today. It’s the first stage in determining what additional tests should be performed. Please bring any medical records with you to help us understand where you’re at, so we can establish your journey ahead. 

Semen Analysis

A comprehensive analysis includes an evaluation of sperm count, motility, and proportion of normal sperm (morphology) present in the sample. The objective is to get a sense of the semen quality and determine the need for additional testing. This includes hormonal and genetic testing, or a referral to a urologist specializing in male reproduction.

Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

A Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is an outpatient radiologic procedure that examines the uterus for congenital or acquired problems and determines if the fallopian tubes are open. Laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and sonohysterography are alternatives that may provide similar information as an HSG.

Physical Examination

Pelvic examinations and ultrasounds are very simple tests that provide further insights into your condition.

Hormone Testing

Hormone testing may reveal the causes of infertility and help us determine if you’re ovulating normally and which fertility therapy will be best for you.

Pelvic Ultrasound

Pelvic ultrasounds provide information about the female reproductive organs and help monitor response to various medical treatments.