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Hope for Infertile Men as Researchers Learn More about Sperm

As 2019 unfolds before us, many men and their partners hope that this new year will deliver on dreams of fatherhood. And, with...

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Should I Get Fertility Tested?

Trying to get pregnant can be stressful, especially when weeks turn into months, and every flip of the calendar feels like another failure....

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When Does Sperm Weaken?

Although men never stop producing sperm throughout their lives, sperm production does begin decreasing after age 35. Motility, volume and genetic quality of...

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Coping with Infertility During the Holiday Season

For many people, the holidays are all about the children in our lives. Watching them opening presents under a brightly decorated tree gives...

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Things to Know About Fertility Drugs

What are Fertility Drugs?

Fertility drugs are actually hormone-stimulating medications prescribed to women who cannot get pregnant after trying to conceive for...

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