LGBTQ+ and Third-Party Reproduction

Build your family, your way with LGBTQ+ friendly fertility care.

At Viera Fertility, we strive to provide an inclusive environment that recognizes every family is unique and deserves personalized support on their journey to parenthood. This commitment ensures that you can build your family, your way, with confidence and compassion. Viera Fertility offers comprehensive support for same-sex family building through third-party reproductive services, including egg and sperm donation and gestational surrogacy.

What fertility treatments are available for same-sex couples and transgender individuals?

We offer a range of third-party reproduction options to help LGBTQ+ individuals and couples achieve their dream of parenthood. These options include Donor Egg IVF, Donor Sperm IUI, and gestational surrogacy, providing flexibility and choice in building your family.

What to Know About Third-Party Reproduction

At Viera Fertility, we are committed to providing LGBTQ+ friendly fertility care that respects your identity, values, and family aspirations. Our team of specialists is dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where you can feel empowered and supported on your path to parenthood. Here are some things to know about third-party reproduction at Viera Fertility. 

What third-party reproduction options are available for same-sex couples?

We offer a range of third-party reproduction options for same-sex couples, including Donor Egg IVF and Donor Sperm IUI. These options provide flexibility and choice in building your family.

How do I choose a donor or surrogate?

Our team provides guidance and support in selecting a donor or surrogate, considering factors such as physical traits, medical history, legal considerations, and personal preferences. We ensure transparency and clarity throughout the selection process.

Do you offer fertility preservation for transgender individuals?

Yes, we offer fertility preservation options such as sperm freezing or egg freezing for transgender individuals before undergoing hormone therapy or gender-affirming surgeries. This allows for future family building options and preserves reproductive potential.

Is financial assistance available for fertility treatments?

We partner with reputable financing companies like CapexMD and PatientFi to offer flexible payment plans and financing options for fertility treatments. Our financial counselors can provide guidance and support in exploring financing options that fit your budget.

What support services do you offer for LGBTQ+ individuals and couples?

We provide comprehensive support services, including counseling, resources, and referrals to LGBTQ+-friendly healthcare providers and support groups. Our goal is to create a supportive and inclusive environment for your fertility journey.

What legal considerations are involved in third-party reproduction?

Legal considerations such as parental rights, custody agreements, and legal parentage are important aspects of third-party reproduction. Our team can guide you through the legal process and connect you with legal resources as needed.

What are the success rates of Donor Egg IVF and Donor Sperm IUI?

Success rates vary depending on individual factors, but our experienced team will provide realistic expectations and personalized treatment plans to optimize your chances of success.

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