Your pregnancy and your five-year-old’s enamel

We’re in the business of making family’s dreams come true with healthy, viable pregnancies. When you’ve worked hard to achieve a positive pregnancy outcome, you want to know that you’re doing everything possible for your baby’s health. And now there’s new data that shows the quality of your pregnancy has a longer-lasting impact than you may think. New research links enamel development problems in children with pregnancy complications including low birth weight babies.

After evaluating 1,309 Peruvian kindergarteners, researchers aimed to assess the association between birth weight and severity of defects development of enamel. The children’s mothers answered a questionnaire regarding complications during pregnancy while the children’s enamel was classified as healthy or demonstrating defects in development.

Even at age five, the impact of pregnancy complications we evidenced by a higher rate of enamel development defects. That’s just one more reason to see Dr. Chamoun for a healthier, lower-risk pregnancy following a period of infertility. We can help you achieve the pregnancy and the family you’ve always dreamed of!