Your family could change in 2016!

We often meet our patients when they feel they’re already at the end of their rope in trying for a baby. And we understand that 6 months, a year, or many years trying for baby unsuccessfully can wear a couple down. Oftentimes, couples or potential parents come with years of heartache and skepticism that the baby of their dreams is ever going to be a reality.

We hear you.

But we also hear success stories every single day! We hear the tears of joy as weeks 4 and 6 of pregnancy eventually turn to weeks 34 and 35! We hear the rejoicing at the hospital when the day finally arrives. We hear your wishes and desires and we love hearing them reach fruition. And 2016 could be the year!

If you’re concerned about cost, time, impact on your health, impact on your emotions, or any other issues, we’d love to discuss options with you. One of the beautiful things about fertility treatment is the number of options and the ability to move at your own pace at a level you’re comfortable with. And if you’re ready, 2016 could be the year for your family!