Women’s Faces Redden at Ovulation

We’ve all heard that men find women most attractive during ovulation, one of nature’s little tricks for encouraging procreation. New research indicates that during the peak fertility period of ovulation, women’s skin tones redden. But before you start wondering whether the whole world will know you’re ovulation (or not) by your skin, note that the reddening remains just under the threshold of human detection.

To research this phenomenon, twenty-two women were photographed without make-up at the same time every working day for at least one month in the same environment and using a scientific camera modified to more accurately capture colour (usually used for studying camouflage in wildlife).

By also capturing hormone levels during this period, researchers noted that women’s faces redden by a significant margin, but not enough to be detected with the naked eye. And if you’re looking for a little help during the fertility journey, take these findings as a bit of proof that sometimes science is able to help us see what we otherwise wouldn’t on our own. With enough information and with adequate treatment, we can put you on the path to the family of your dreams!


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