The womb’s “entrance exam”

A new study released earlier last week indicates that the lining of a woman’s womb is capable of analyzing individual embryos and deciding whether to support further development. At the Viera Fertility Center, Dr. Chamoun will work with you to determine whether such actions are responsible for keeping your embryos from implanting properly.

Embryos are each unique with a mixture of normal and abnormal cells.  High quality human embryos secrete a chemical called trypsin which renders the lining of the womb supportive of implantation. This chemical signal is deregulated in low quality embryos and can cause the womb to either reject or “rescue” the tissue.

The mechanism is medically interesting because it depends so entirely on the preparation of the womb’s tissue. If a woman’s womb isn’t well-prepared, it can fail to recognize the signals coming from the embryo or overreact. The research also indicates that in IVF treatment, womb preparation may be even more essential than previously known.

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