What will my male partner endure?

When it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, women are typically prepared to sacrifice their own physical comfort for the birth of their new child. Male partners, however, may never have associated pregnancy with medical intervention on their own body, and may have hesitations when it comes to the fertility testing and treatment process. At Viera Fertility Center, Dr. Chamoun works with the whole family to ensure that everyone’s comfort is maximized throughout the process.

A male partner can expect to provide a semen sample in early stages of the fertility testing process. Ideally, semen should be collected by masturbation, after 2 to 3 days of abstinence, into a clean container provided by the facility and examined within an hour after collection. A comprehensive analysis includes an evaluation of sperm count, overall motility and proportion of normal sperm (morphology) present in the sample. The objective is to get a sense of the semen quality and determine the need for additional testing including hormonal or genetic testing or referral to a specialist in male reproduction/urologist.

If you’re considered about the process of Viera IVF procedures or male partner testing, contact Viera Fertility Center for an explanation of our process for new families.