Weight and Conception

Your fertility can be affected by many things including your sperm and egg health and other underlying health concerns. One factor not to overlook as it relates to your reproductive health is your weight. A fertility clinic in Melbourne will help you with your reproductive needs and your BMI (body mass index). Note, issues with weight can affect both men and women equally causing reproductive issues and concerns.

How Being Underweight Affects Female Fertility

Your weight can have a notable impact on your ability to conceive. While the issue of being overweight is a concern, being underweight can also be an issue that a fertility clinic in Melbourne will consider when reviewing your health concerns. When underweight (a BMI of lower than 18.5) you can develop issues with period regularity and ovulation. In extreme cases, ovulation may cease completely. If weight issues are associated with other health issues, this can further complicate conception and notably, a BMI below 17.5 can be a sign of an eating disorder. Having a low body weight can also lower egg quality during ovulation and complicate pregnancy if conception is achieved.

The Effects of Obesity and Female Fertility

Being overweight can also increase the difficulty of conception and negatively impact the effectiveness of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. Associated issues can include excess estrogen which can affect ovulation. While estrogen production is chiefly handled by the ovaries, high amounts of fat cells can also cause an increase in estrogen because fat cells can produce estrogen. The result of this is that your body stops ovulation which is a similar effect to hormone-based birth control solutions. Testing has also shown that obesity in women leads to lower conception weight, a higher amount of miscarriages, and lower live birth rates. Even in situations where ovulation is not affected, being overweight can cause issues with conception.

Obesity and Pregnancy

In addition to causing conception issues, obesity can also cause issues with pregnancy. It can lead to gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, premature birth, affect birth rates, impact the infant’s blood sugar levels, birth defects, and blood pressure and diabetic issues for the child. It has also been linked to obesity issues in children later in life.

Is Male Fertility Affected by Weight?

When a clinic is performing a male fertility test in Melbourne, they will also check overall weight. Being overweight can affect male fertility and decrease sex drive and performance. Men who are overweight are found to have lower levels of testosterone and other associated hormone issues that can affect sperm count and viability. Research has shown overweight men have lower sperm count and the sperm that is produced has reduced mobility. Men also suffer fertility issues when underweight as having a BMI that is too low can affect sperm quality.

Care and Treatment

When trying to become pregnant, it can be tempting to drastically alter your diet and exercise regimen if you are overweight or have other issues with your BMI. However, before you make any changes to your lifestyle or start a new exercise program, it’s important to consult a medical professional for both overall safety and effectiveness. Professional advice ensures that your dietary changes are healthy, that any workout programs you start are practical for your physical needs, and that your odds of successful conception increase as well.

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Trying to have children can be challenging for some people, and you don’t have to do this alone. When you need help conceiving, a fertility clinic can provide an assortment of tested healthcare solutions. This will help to improve your odds of pregnancy. At Viera Fertility, we take your health and reproductive needs seriously. We can help you develop a plan to assist with your BMI needs to get you in a healthy range. Carefully managing your BMI can assist in contraception and can be one of several solutions used in our fertility treatment methods. Reach out to us today for more information.