Vitamin D and Fertility

Fertility is a complicated matter. Physical, biological, and environmental factors can all have a significant impact on a couple’s ability to conceive a child. New data has suggested that an essential vitamin, vitamin D may be more important for female and male fertility than previously thought.

What Is Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a powerful and unique vitamin. Your body can make its own vitamin D with exposure to the sun, but it is also important to supplement your vitamin D intake by choosing foods high in the vitamin. Fish oils, egg yolks, and mushrooms are all examples of foods that are high in vitamin D. Vitamin D is also unique in that it is turned into a hormone which regulates the amount of calcium in your blood, bones, and digestive system, a job which helps your body communicate properly. Vitamin D enables your body to digest and use the calcium and phosphorous in your diet which enables proper function of the immune system, muscle function, cardiovascular function, respiratory system, brain development and healthy cell development.

Vitamin D and Fertility

European scientists watching a trend in lowered fertility in both females and males noticed that vitamin D deficiencies were on the rise across the board as well. Studying Vitamin D supplementation researchers found that supplementation of vitamin d may influence production and maturation of sperm cells in men, and egg and uterine lining maturation in women. It also seemed to influence the hormone production for both women and men. More research must be done to understand exactly why supplementation of vitamin D seems to have such a positive effect on fertility, however understanding how vitamin D helps cells communicate with one another along with improving circulation and organ function, it is no large leap to understand how a healthy body may be more fertile.

Incorporating Vitamin D into your Life

Living in Florida has its very own set of perks. One for sure is the amount of sunshine we see here on a daily basis. By getting a healthy amount of sunshine every day you can help your body make its own vitamin D, however it is important to stay out of the sun during peak UV hours, between 12pm and 4pm, to avoid sunburn and skin damage. Getting enough vitamin D can be difficult from food alone, which is why vitamin D supplements can be so beneficial. You will be able to find these types of supplements anywhere vitamins are sold.

When you are seeking to conceive, changing your diet and lifestyle can have a large impact. A healthy body works better than an unhealthy one. By working hard to keep your body functioning well with a healthy diet and exercise, you may be able to significantly improve your fertility. The journey to parenthood is never easy, yet with the help of a skilled fertility doctor like Dr. Chamoun, we can begin to learn what is keeping you from becoming parents and work to find a solution. If you and your partner are struggling to become pregnant call today to schedule a consultation.