Underlying subfertility and outcomes

At Viera Fertility Center, we’re happy to report that singleton babies conceived using assisted reproductive technology (ART) may actually have better outcomes than babies born to subfertile women without treatment, according to new research.

Birth outcomes for babies whose mothers used assisted reproductive technology (ART) are better in some cases, and worse in others, than for subfertile women who did not use ART. Even among twins, the study suggests that babies born after ART appear to have better outcomes. ART twin births compared with subfertile births had a longer mean gestational age, lower rate of very premature delivery and very low birth weight, and a much lower rate of perinatal death. This could be due to closer monitoring of the pregnancy and more careful patient education in pregnancy best practices.

In any case, the success of pregnancies conceived through assisted reproductive technology is promising for those women who take the plunge and involve their heart and hopes in the process of Melbourne fertility treatment.


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