Two “waves” of eggs

At Viera Fertility Center, we realize that fertility is often shrouded in mystery. So much of common understanding of pregnancy is myth, and we work hard to reeducate couples on the science and technology available to assist in reproduction.

One of the common beliefs about female fertility is that all of a woman’s eggs are generally the same, but new research shows a distinct difference between two “waves” of eggs in a woman’s reproductive years. The first set is active at a girls’ birth and contributes to the onset of puberty. The second “wave” is dormant until much later and provides eggs throughout a woman’s adult lifespan.

Why the eggs function in “waves” isn’t entirely certain, and scientists have not yet determined what genetic impact–if any–could come from the difference between “waves.” In any case, we are happy to assist you in turning medical science into your dream of a beautiful and growing family!


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