Quit Smoking – Tips For Breaking The Habit

When couples are trying to conceive, they often curb cigarette or vaping habits for the health and well-being of the planned child. What many future parents may not realize is that smoking can create an obstacle to getting pregnant. At Viera Fertility Center in Melbourne, FLA, we provide resources and fertility treatment. We hope this information about smoking and how couples can quit together proves useful.

Facts About Smoking and Fertility

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as many other science-based organizations, consistently state that smoking cigarettes and other inhalants have a negative impact on both men and women. According to an FDA report on the subject, these are reasons why smoking can impede couples from getting pregnant.

  • Smoking can reduce fertility.
  • Smoking can impede the natural production of hormones.
  • Exposure to tobacco smoke can negatively impact the reproductive system.

The FDA also indicates that inhaling tobacco smoke can damage the DNA of male sperm. If you and your partner are trying to conceive, kicking the habit can increase the chances of having a baby.

5 Tips for Couples Trying to Quit Smoking and Vaping

It’s important to keep in mind that smoking and vaping is not just a habit. The nicotine and other chemicals found in these products are inherently addictive. Quitting cold turkey can be very challenging because the brain is hooked and sends powerful messages to light up. Couples will need to support each other, particularly during the withdrawal phase, when cravings are at their worst. These are ways you can pull together to grow your family.

1: Clean and Sanitize Your Home

Along with tossing any leftover cigarettes or vaping products, one of the more productive steps involves removing the smell. Smokers don’t always notice the odor that permeates their rugs, curtains, sofas, and other household items. But you will once your sense of smell begins to improve. Although non-smokers are usually turned off by the smell, it can entice people trying to quit to backslide. Clean and sanitize anything that retains the smell of smoke.

2: Wean Yourself Off Of Nicotine

Sometimes referred to as “nicotine replacement therapy,” everyday people use smokeless products to reduce their dependence on nicotine gradually. The conventional wisdom behind this approach is that it helps take the edge off headaches and other withdrawal symptoms.

Too often, smokers convince themselves that taking just one drag will provide relief. Unfortunately, the addiction often proves too powerful with a lit cigarette in hand. Using patches and gum can be an effective way for couples to wean themselves off nicotine.

3: Consider Prescription Medications

Harsh withdrawal symptoms can make quitting something of a Herculean task. If you or your partner are not winning the battle, there are prescription medications that can help reduce cravings and offset feelings of depression. It’s crucial to work closely with the Melbourne fertility clinic to ensure anti-smoking drugs don’t negatively affect your ability to conceive.

4: Avoid Things that Trigger Smoking

Smoking and vaping have deep-rooted cultural triggers. Old movies sometimes show couples smoking in bed following love-making sessions. The habit of lighting up with alcoholic beverages, morning coffee, or a fine meal are also ways nicotine has become ingrained into society.

During your quit-smoking process, it may be prudent to avoid triggers such as alcohol and coffee. You can always switch to tea to sidestep the trigger and create a new post-meal ritual that doesn’t involve a harmful substance. Per the old movies, maybe talk about baby names instead of having a smoke.

5: Lean On Each Other

In some ways, beating the smoking habit together can be a blessing. It opens a door for couples to pull together to eliminate an unhealthy habit that can lead to cancer. Consider joining a quit-smoking support group or undergoing therapies together. Working together, while also focusing on bringing a child into the world, doubles the value of this process. Not only can you increase your fertility opportunities, but you also strengthen your relationship.

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