The Miracle of Ovulation

The birth of a child certainly considered a miracle, however the biological processes  that needed to take place in order for that child to be conceived deserve some credit to. Ovulation is the cornerstone of all life and in order to understand how to overcome fertility issues, we must first understand how ovulation occurs and how this biological process enables a woman to carry a child  for nine months.

What is Ovulation?

When a young woman experiences her first menses, she unlocks a world of fertility options and obstacles. After this moment her body is able to mature the ovum in her ovaries which then release through her Fallopian tubes into her uterus. Most young girls will not harness this power for some time, and some women go their whole life unable to release a viable egg which would eventually lead to the conception of a child. The female body is an amazing organism guided by hormones that create a perfect storm to foster reproduction. For women who desire a family yet find themselves having trouble one, of the first things we at Viera Fertility Center in Melbourne, Florida question is a woman’s ability to ovulate.

Ovulation is the process  of an egg maturing and being  released. It all starts in the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus resides in the middle of the brain and produces hormones called gonadotropins. These gonadotropins travel through the bloodstream to the pituitary gland where they relay the message for this gland to begin producing another hormone called follicle-stimulating hormone or FSH for short. This hormone increases the amount of estrogen sent to the ovary and begins the maturation of an ovum. As the egg develops, the pituitary gland releases luteinizing hormone which further matures the egg and triggers its release into the Fallopian tube and journey to the uterus.

What is amazing about this process is that  it happens every single month on the first day of menses. FSH flood the ovaries increasing the amount of estrogen until the 7th day of the cycle. On the seventh day when the estrogen is high, the luteinizing hormone begins to be released this is typically on the 13th day of the cycle. When the luteinizing hormone is at its highest ovulation will take place between 28 and 36 hours. At this time the cells that remain in the follicle are transformed into corpus luteum and begin producing high amounts of progesterone which prepares the uterus  to receive the impending and embryo. It is at this time when a intercourse or IUI can be timed to, hopefully, successfully conceive a child.

If a couple has no fertility issues they should be able to conceive a child during ovulation. If an embryo is  conceived more progesterone will be pumped through the woman’s body to create an incubator for the embryo. If not, this lining will be shed and the process will start all over again.

Ovulation Issues

There are many things can impair a woman’s ability to ovulate. It will become apparent after one of trying that a woman is unable to conceive. At Viera Fertility Center we never jump to conclusions; however, and many tests are needed to determine the real cause of a couple’s fertility issues. If a woman’s pituitary gland does not successfully releasing FSH and LH pharmaceutical therapy can often help. Clomid and Letrozole stimulate the pituitary gland to induce ovulation which can allow a couple to try to have a baby, however if the woman is unable to create these necessary hormone  gonadotropins can be directly injected into the abdomen.

Aside from these very major issues that require specialist intervention, ovulation can be destructive due to outside factors. Excessive weight gain or weight loss and stress have been shown to affect a woman’s ability to ovulate. Further malnutrition, cigarette, alcohol, and drug usage can also have a detrimental effect ovulation. When you schedule an appointment, a complete evaluation will be taken to understand your specific situation. No symptom will be left undone and the right treatment for you will be discussed and decided upon.

If you have been having trouble creating the family of your dreams and would be curious to understand if your issue lies in your ovulation cycle, call to speak with a fertility specialist today. We would like to help you on your journey to the miracle of conception by facilitating ovulation if possible.