The Fertility Factor

Frustration, anger, despair, and depression. These are all emotions couples can feel if beginning a family has been a struggle. It can seem unfair when you see your friends becoming parents, while you struggle to conceive or carry to term. We certainly  understand how isolating it can feel, but it’s important to remember that you are not alone in this struggle. There are 6.7 million American women who are unable to get pregnant, that’s 11 percent of women of childbearing age who feel your pain. Knowing that so many women are having trouble creating families you may begin to wonder what is this fertility factor? What keeps couples from conceiving and bringing children into the world?The answer is multifaceted and constantly being researched but here are just a few common causes of infertility.

The Facts

Infertility is not an isolated incident that only you and your partner are dealing with. In fact, one in eight couples will experience infertility. Sadly only half of those will seek  fertility treatments. Infertility is not caused by one party alone. It is often the combination of factors in both partners. and most fertility issues can be resolved with medical intervention or a change in lifestyle. Very few cases would be advised to seek surgical treatments such as in vitro fertilization or ICSI.

What Causes Women to Become Infertile?

The main cause for infertility in women is age. Women are born with as many eggs as they will ever have and when they reach 35, these eggs become fewer in number and lower and quality. Ovarian oxygen levels have proven to cause this aging of eggs. However, age is not the only Factor. A major cause of infertility is lifestyle. Obesity and a smoking habit can make it very difficult for women to become pregnant and to bring a pregnancy to term. Other factors can include physical barriers, such as blocked tubes, a history of irregular menstrual cycles, and conditions like cancer, endometriosis, and autoimmune disorders. While there are many cause of infertility there are also many solutions and treatment options. After testing, Dr. Chamoun will, in most cases, be able to give you the answers you need and suggest effective therapies to help you become pregnant.

What Causes Men To Become Infertile?

The root of infertility for a couple is normally split in thirds. One third for female fertility barriers, one third for male barriers and one third for a combination of factors or an unknown factor. For men, the quality and motility of sperm is extremely important. And, just as there are many factors that lead to female infertility, there are also many factors that contribute to poor quality sperm in men. Smoking and obesity are two well-known contributors to male fertility problems. Others include, caffeine consumption, over heating – for example working with a hot laptop placed on the lap, depression, alcohol usage, some medications, and working in an industry where he is exposed to many hazardous chemicals.There are also some instances in which a physical barrier in the reproductive tract keeps a man from becoming a father. A chances of becoming parents. Depending on the results, there are many different things a man can do to improve his sperm quality.

Turning The Tides

If you and your partner have been attempting to conceive a child for 12 months with no success, it’s time to make an appointment. Every cycle you have a 25 percent chance of becoming pregnant. Over the course of a year, a couple with no fertility issues should be able to conceive. If not, do not become frustrated, more than 10 percent of American couples have difficulty conceiving unassisted. At Viera Fertility Center we have to tools and knowledge to help you understand the cause of your infertility. After testing each partner, we can determine what may be keeping you from becoming parents. There are many different treatments and lifestyle changes that can improve your chances. Know that even miracles take a little time, but with our state-of-the-art facility and techniques, having the family of your dreams could be right around the corner. You are not alone, call us today to start your journey.