Stress and infertility

CBS News’ Amanda Cochran reports on a new study that indicates why and how women dealing with stress have a harder time becoming pregnant. At Viera Fertility Center, we’re your Melbourne fertility clinic designed to help you overcome the barriers to pregnancy and enjoy a growing family.

Scientists at Ohio State University tested the saliva of women attempting to become pregnant. The women whose saliva included higher concentrations of a biological marker of stress called alpha-amylase were two times more likely to experience infertility. What to do about this information is not yet clear. According to the news report, “doctors recommend that women trying to conceive exercise regularly, practice yoga, meditate, and quit smoking and drinking alcohol.”

Of course, we know that the prospect of infertility is in itself stressful and that couples having a difficult time conceiving find the advice to “not worry” very difficult. If you’re facing the stress of infertility, contact Viera Fertility Center for fertility treatment in Melbourne today!