Stress and Fertility

The road to conceiving a baby isn’t always the easiest path. That’s why, at Viera Fertility Center, we’re here to help turn “patients into parents”. We understand the stress that goes along with that process. Have you ever wondered if your stress level can affect your fertility? It’s true that although stress by itself is unlikely to cause fertility problems, it does hinder the process in a number of ways.

When undergoing fertility testing to find out the barriers to getting pregnant, it’s important to monitor your stress levels and learn how to cope in the best way possible. Let’s look at how stress impacts fertility, and some ways to make sure that you’re in the best place mentally to make your dream of having a family come true.

Stressors That Can Affect Your Health

There are certain habits or lifestyle choices that can be considered stressors on the body. These situations may make it harder for your body to conceive a baby.

Lack of Sleep

Sometimes when you aren’t getting enough sleep, it’s due to the fact that you are laying in bed stressing about. When your body can’t relax, it can be hard to get those treasured zzz’s. Practice good sleep habits, like going to bed at the same time at night, having some time to wind down without any screens, and getting up at the same time each morning.

Poor Nutrition

When we’re stressed out, we tend to make poor food choices. That includes too many fast foods, sweets, and unhealthy snacks. Put your body in the best possible place nutrition-wise by making sure you’re eating a nutritious diet. Treat your body well with a beneficial eating plan to get it ready to carry a baby.

Not Exercising Enough or Overdoing It

Too little exercise or overdoing a workout routine can put unnecessary stress on your body. You want to have a regular exercise routine that improves your mental health. A moderate routine of three to five times per week of an activity you like to do, or a half-hour session at the gym will get those good endorphins following to help relieve some stress.

Too Much Alcohol or Smoking

Neither of these practices are good for your body. It’s best to cut out alcohol and stop smoking or vaping, if you’re trying to get pregnant. Having these habits can definitely affect your body’s chances of conceiving.

Excessive Amounts of Caffeine

 Caffeine in large amounts can actually contribute to rising stress levels in the body. It can make you feel anxious and can lead to higher cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a contributor to chronic stress, because it’s your body’s central stress hormone.

 Take Care of Your Health

 It’s important to prioritize your health and monitor your stress levels when trying to conceive. That way your body will be in the optimal place to allow everything to occur. It’s even more important if you are facing some infertility issues. It’s always best to consult with us or your doctor to create a plan toward pregnancy.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

To help reduce stress levels, it’s vital that you find some relaxation skills. That may mean meditation, yoga, or even just doing something relaxing, like taking a walk after dinner or reading a book. Finding those methods of relaxation where you disconnect from the world for a bit will go a long way in reducing harmful stress in your life.

Talk to Your Partner

If you are undergoing fertility treatments, it’s important to talk to your partner about what you’re going through. Don’t hold all that stress inside. Make time to go over your fears and concerns because your partner can help to alleviate some of that stress.

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