Assisted Reproductive Therapies

Fertility success depends on the delicate combination of egg and sperm. Reproductive therapies are often used when there are challenges to combining an egg with sperm. These challenges are potentially within either partner. Fortunately, you have assisted reproductive therapies right here in Melbourne, Florida at Viera Fertility Clinic. Our team looks forward to sharing with you the ways we assist you to reach your fertility goals.

Fertility Testing

When you do not achieve pregnancy, our medical providers search for the cause of infertility. We provide female and male fertility testing at our Melbourne clinic. As you begin your journey with us, we will test the man’s sperm for fertility challenges and discuss lifestyle factors that may be delaying fertility such as medications, smoking, stress, alcohol, or drugs. We also evaluate the woman’s fertility risks with tests that measure hormone levels, genetic factors and discuss lifestyle indicators including smoking, stress, age, alcohol and weight. We begin with these tests so that we can develop a fertility plan based on your individual needs.

Fertility Treatment

Once we discover a potential reason for your fertility challenges, we discuss with you the various reproductive therapies available including:

  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection – Also known as ICSI, this assisted reproduction therapy manually injects a sperm cell into an egg cell. The egg cell is surgically retrieved from the woman. The sperm is manually collected by the man. The sperm is washed and examined as we look for the sperm with the highest qualities to inject into the egg. This is considered a form of in vitro fertilization, since it occurs outside the woman’s body, but is not the typical IVF procedure.
  • In vitro fertilization – Also known as IVF, this assisted reproduction therapy in Melbourne works in a similar way to ICSI in that an egg or multiple eggs are surgically removed from the woman and the sperm is manually collected by the man. In some cases, frozen or donated sperm may be used. Then, the eggs and sperm are put together in the hopes they combine and fertilize. Following fertilization, the embryos remain outside the body to grow for a few days prior to being inserted into the woman.
  • Intrauterine insemination – Also known as IUI, this assisted reproduction therapy is often called artificial insemination. The process facilitates the delivery of sperm into the uterus of a woman who is ovulating. Our health professionals may wash and separate the sperm from the semen and insert only the sperm. This non-surgical procedure is performed in the office. IUI is an assisted reproductive therapy also used for couples or for women who choose to use donor sperm.
  • Embryo assisted hatching – This reproduction therapy is used in combination with IVF and helps when the embryos have difficulties attaching to the uterine lining. In this therapy, a small opening is made in the embryo with a laser to help the embryo hatch out of its thick, protective covering and attach to the uterus.

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Sometimes reproductive goals, much like many of life’s big events, need a group of people to help one succeed. Our fertility experts are here to help you reach your goals. We will begin with fertility testing so that we have a better understanding of any challenges. Then, we discuss with you the assisted reproductive therapies we believe will help you reach your fertility goals. Some therapies involve surgical procedures and others do not. We will present to you the best option for your individual needs. We encourage you to start your fertility journey today. For more information or to schedule your initial appointment at Viera Fertility Clinic, please call us today at 321-751-4673.