Reproductive Help

It can happen to anyone. You find yourself ready to express your love with the joy of giving birth, only to have your joyful anticipation turn into frustration and then sorrow. Each month becomes a disappointment, but the thought of giving up is not the answer for you. Being unable to conceive is often a stressful experience. With each passing month, emotions run high, but there are options and reproductive help couples should be aware of. Infertility experts know this is not an easy time for anyone. Even though friends and family are supportive, it does not make things easier and there is no one to blame. Contact our Melbourne fertility clinic, where fertility experts help couples focus on options and give support during this most challenging time.

Stay Positive

Of course, there are no guarantees, but at a fertility clinic, experts do their best to help couples experience conception, learn to embrace other options, or how to accept their circumstances. Infertility is bigger than not conceiving. Couples must find a way to manage the emotional impact and to keep trying. Such a sensitive matter can wear on a relationship over time. It is important to do your best to remain positive and focus on the present. Although it takes effort, focusing on the here and now helps couples reduce stress and anxiety. Dealing with possible infertility is no easy task, but there are treatments available that might help couples increase their chances of having a child.

You Have Options

Specific options available can be explored once specific testing is done. This will give you a clearer picture of what options are available that are best for you based on the results of the testing. Treatment could involve just the male or the female, or both prospective parents. Fertility treatments often involve medication that helps ovulation and hormonal balancing. Reproductive Technology is another form of treatment experts may use. During this type of treatment, techniques are used that make it easier for sperm to fertilize an egg, which then helps implant the egg in the uterine lining.

Female and Male Testing

Testing is not just focused on fertility. Initially, doctors begin with a thorough health assessment to see how the ovaries function and if hormonal balance is needed. Women who have thyroid disease or high levels of prolactin, a protein secreted by the pituitary gland that affects the sex hormone, may undergo treatment to restore normal reproduction function. During some health assessments, patients are checked for metabolic abnormalities like insulin resistance, which helps improve overall health and reproductive ability. Men have health assessments. Male fertility tests involve a complete semen analysis to see early on if there is a problem with sperm function or production.

Common Treatments

The two most common treatments are intrauterine insemination and implantation. This procedure involves collecting healthy sperm and inserting it into the uterus while ovulation is taking place. The other procedure is in-vitro fertilization, where eggs and sperm are fertilized in a lab where they turn into embryos. The embryos are placed into the uterus by the doctor. Eggs can be removed and saved by freezing to be used later. This can also be done with sperm and embryos. These are considered options in reproductive technology.

Other Options

Surrogates, sperm, and/or egg donors are more options couples can consider, especially if they are single or same-sex couples. This allows you to still have the baby you have always wanted. The first step is to speak with a specialist and begin testing to learn what options you have. Additionally, there are ways to make fertility treatments affordable. This is determined by the couple and their doctor. Some treatments like IVF are expensive, but based on the couple, IVF may not be the first approach to take. Low-cost fertility treatment options are available, as are medical treatments designed to correct metabolic disturbances or treat hormonal imbalances.

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