Read up on insurance coverage for fertility treatments

At Viera Fertility Center, Dr. Chamoun and his team are your Melbourne FL IVF resource for a host of fertility treatments. And if you’re just beginning the process of working with a fertility specialist, you may be wondering how much of the care for fertility treatments will be covered by insurance. The answer? It varies widely from plan to plan and state to state.

For a read on the current state of coverage across plans for fertility treatments, this summer’s New York Times article “Insurance Coverage for Fertility Treatments Varies Widely” is an excellent resource. Many families trying to conceive had hoped that the Affordable Care Act would increase access to insurance coverage but, unfortunately, it has not. In states where coverage for fertility treatment wasn’t mandated, lack of coverage remains.

The good news, however, is that the Viera Fertility Center team is adept at working with insurance providers to determine your thresholds of coverage and to work within their systems to accomplish your fertility goals. If you have questions about your fertility and the best options for moving forward with or without insurance coverage, contact Dr. Chamoun today!