Rapid freezing of eggs increases positive outcomes

At Viera Fertility Center, Dr. Chamoun is your local resource for Melbourne IVF treatment. And new research published by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology suggests that new methods for freezing eggs is responsible for better pregnancy outcomes.

The rapid freezing technique of vitrification is set to revolutionize egg donation as a fertility treatment by enabling freeze-storage egg-banking. The cryopreservation of eggs was one of IVF’s continuing challenges until the widespread introduction of vitrification; the older slow freezing methods induced the formation of ice crystals, which could cause damage to several structures of the egg. Vitrification is a fast-freezing method that freezes the egg without the formation of ice crystals, preserving viability for later IVF treatment and implantation.

If you’re considering egg storage, contact your Viera Fertility Center partners today to discuss your options. With planning, you could thank yourself for years to come.