Pregnancy and Positive Thinking  

Staying positive is a lot easier said than done. Difficulty getting pregnant is not something that anyone prepares for. When you make the decision to start a family, those early weeks are filled with love, hope, and dreams. Plans are made and names are considered, and every stroller you see on the sidewalk seems to be an omen—a beacon of happiness that is soon to be your own. This positivity and hopefulness, filled with belief and confidence in what is sure to happen soon may even last for a few months. Once cycle 5, 6, or 15 hits, positivity and confidence are long gone. That impending due date becomes a week of conflict and emotional turmoil, filled with doubt, dread, and misgivings about what the future actually holds.

Why Positivity Matters in Pregnancy

When you have trouble getting pregnant, staying positive becomes a big challenge. Letting go of that positivity can actually make getting pregnant even more difficult. This puts an added burden on your mental health and is likely to apply stress to your fertility and relationships,. The elevated stress levels caused by this constant negativity can actually negatively impact your immune health and yes, even your fertility.

Multiple studies have found that levels of depression and anxiety among women struggling to get pregnant are actually similar to those with life-threatening diseases, like cancer and heart disease.  Researchers at Emory University have actually tied this connection to the hypothalamus. They found that this major nerve plays several essential functions in the fertility process, but that it is also the regulator of cortisol, which means that it is where all of your stress is managed. Simply put, when your stress levels are too high, you aren’t going to get pregnant because your brain isn’t equipped to manage both.

Your Body and Stress

When trying to conceive, it’s important that you understand your mind and body are connected during this time. Increasing stress factors can harm your body negatively and cause you to lose interest in self-care and body wellness. pH is typically a

Skipping out on healthy meals can also cause your body to feel the negative impacts of stress. Eating certain foods that help you preserve your fertility are sweet potatoes, leafy greens, and carrots. This is because these foods aim to regulate hormones in the body, which is extremely vital during pregnancy.

How to Stay Positive

Being told to stop stressing or to calm down is a sure way to guarantee that you aren’t going to calm down or stop stressing. Reading that you need to let go of that stress in order to get pregnant may even cause more stress to manifest. There are plenty of tales about women who struggled to get pregnant, only to take a vacation and magically get pregnant while away from it all. But a romantic getaway isn’t always in the cards, especially as you are hoping to add an expensive bundle of joy to your family. There are ways to destress at home without breaking the bank, and taking steps to learn how to stay more positive can greatly improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Here are several strategies that can help you to stay more positive:

  • Find a positive mantra that helps you to feel positive and happy, and remind yourself of this regularly to help keep things in perspective.
  • Exercise every single day to keep your stress levels balanced.
  • Try using guided imagery to push yourself into a happier way of thinking as you are coping with negative thoughts and external stressors.
  • Find a hobby that makes you happy and carve out time in your schedule to do what you love.

As time goes on and you find yourself growing more and more frustrated with the process of getting pregnant, do your best to take a step back and reconnect with why you decided to get pregnant in the first place. Spend more time connecting with your partner, and reach out to fertility specialists in Melbourne for help. Contact us today!