Phthalates and your baby’s gender?

The negative effects of exposure to phthalates is well documented, but new research indicates that exposure to these chemicals could alter the hormones that influence your baby’s gender during development. Dr. Chamoun and the team at Viera Fertility Center can help!

Exposure to hormone-altering phthalates — found in plastics, foods and personal care products — early in pregnancy is associated with a disruption in an essential pregnancy hormone and adversely affects the masculinization of male genitals in the baby, according to new research. The findings focus on the role of the placenta in responding to these chemicals and altering levels of a key pregnancy hormone.

At Viera Fertility Center, we focus on patient education that minimizes these risks and maximizes your  baby’s opportunities for developmental success. If you have questions about environmental exposure to phthalates and your baby’s development, contact your Melbourne fertility treatment center today!


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