Pesticides and your health: three generations later?

At Viera Fertility Center, our patients often wonder why they must take medical steps to ensure reproduction when so many couples seem to get pregnant easily. The answer could go back as many as three generations!

Washington State University researchers say ancestral exposures to the pesticide methoxychlor may lead to adult onset kidney disease, ovarian disease, and obesity in future generations. And each of those conditions can, in turn, impact your fertility.

Your great-grandmother’s exposure to substances like the pesticide methoxychlor may promote a dramatic increase in your susceptibility to develop disease, and even without further exposure, you can still pass the health impact on to your own children.

So much of fertility medicine is outside the control of any individual actor. Environmental toxins could contribute to your infertility, but medical intervention with your Melbourne IVF facility can help. No matter what your great-grandmother faced, we can help you achieve pregnancy with modern medical intervention.


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