Obesity and IVF Medication Efficacy

Research published in Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism indicates that standard dosages of IVF medication are less effective in obese women. As your resource for Melbourne IVF treatment, Dr. Chamoun is prepared to take steps for more effective dosage of women of varying body types and body weights.

The interventional study examined the rate of IVF medication absorption in 10 obese and 10 normal-weight women. Researchers gave each participant a dose of a GnRH antagonist and then 8 hours later, participants’ blood was sampled for each hour for 6 hours in order to determine how quickly the medication was absorbed.

The GnRH antagonist cleared out of obese women’s systems more quickly and half of the obese women had a rebound of luteinizing hormone — the hormone that causes the body to release eggs — during the 14-hour monitoring period. Thus, dosages designed for normal-weight women may be less effective for women who are obese.

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