New year, new insurance, new budget questions.

In popular media, cost is often one of the headline-grabbers in relation to fertility medicine. You’ve seen it before: “this couple spent $XX,XXX having these twins after X years of trying!” It’s a common story these days.

But how true is it that costs are exorbitant when it comes to fertility medicine? It depends. It depends on what issues you’re facing, how fast you want to move, and whether you’re willing to undergo certain processes. The truth is that fertility medicine only moves at the pace and the price you’re willing to agree to. And there are so many myths.

If you’re just beginning the process of working with a fertility specialist, you may be wondering how much of the care for fertility treatments will be covered by insurance. It varies widely from plan to plan, and plans change each year. It’s worth asking us to verify benefits so we can determine which parts of your treatment and which treatments are covered.

Our team is able to work with insurance providers to determine your thresholds of coverage and to work within their systems to accomplish your fertility goals. Don’t let myths and headlines derail you. Fertility treatments can absolutely be a part of your 2016 family budget!