Male fertility and physically demanding work

At Viera Fertility Center, we take a research-based approach to treating fertility. Culturally and historically, the physically strong “alpha” male type may have been understood to be more virile, but new research indicates that physical labor could actually impair men’s fertility.

Working in a physically demanding job, having high blood pressure, and taking multiple medications are among health risks that may undermine a man’s fertility, according to a study. The study is the first to examine the relationships between workplace exertion, health, and semen quality as men are trying to conceive.

While trying to conceive may not mean men need to change their profession, it could help explain why some men’s semen quality suffers. Physical exertion varies significantly from person to person, and male fertility factors are now understood to vary widely as a result. If you have questions about male factor infertility, contact Viera Fertility Center today!


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