No link between fertility treatment and autism

At Viera Fertility Center, we meet women and families who are well into the wait for their next family member. And oftentimes, new patients come with concerns about possible links between fertility care and the health of their baby. At the University of Vermont, researchers have investigated a potential link between the increase in use of fertility treatment and the rising prevalence of autism spectrum diagnosis.

Over the past five years, several studies have focused on infertility treatment, partly because of the coincidental rise in both the diagnosis of autism and the use of assisted reproduction. A recent study examined a potential link, and concluded that there is none.

Even when probing specific data that suggested a link between fertility treatment and later autism diagnosis in the resultant child(ren), the link was disproved. So move forward with your plans for a family at Viera Fertility Center knowing that children conceived with the help of fertility medicine fair the same as children conceived without medical assistance.