IV Hormone Infusion to Treat Infertility

At Viera Fertility Center, we’ve treated infertility stemming from a variety of root causes. We’ve worked with female athletes who had difficulty conceiving and new research provides positive results regarding IV hormone infusions for this patient population.

Researchers have succeeded in restoring hormones essential for fertility that are commonly lost in women who exercise intensively, according to research. Fertility depends on a range of reproductive hormones. In females, one of these, called luteinising hormone is released from the brain in short bursts every 1-2 hours. When women undergo strict exercise regimes and restrict their calorific intake, energy is diverted away from maintaining their reproductive system.

When female athletes wish to become pregnant, energy balance and hormone regulation are essential. A condition known as hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA) affects 1 in 100 women and 1 in 10 professional female athletes, but this IV hormone infusion treatment may provide answers.

If you’re an active female wishing to become pregnant, contact the team at Viera Fertility Center today to begin the process of making your family planning dreams a reality.


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