It’s okay if you don’t feel thankful.

In this season of Thanksgiving, it can be difficult for families facing infertility to feel much gratefulness. The reality of infertility can feel unjust. After talking with a few of our patients at Viera Fertility Center however, they’ve suggested the following to feel thankful during the journey:

  • Be thankful for your partner: the desire for a child together is typically the result of a loving, supportive, and passionate partnership. Fertility medicine may test the contours of your love, but it strengthens your bond. While it may be a difficult road, you’re on it together.
  • Be thankful you’re not alone: while there are times a journey to fertility may feel lonely, the reality is that thousands of women in the US are experiencing the same procedures and waiting. The community of women with a fertility journey is growing and you are not alone.
  • Be thankful for what’s coming! We truly believe that there’s a chance every couple desiring a biological child can conceive. We’ve seen miracles happen at Viera Fertility Center, and we’re thankfully believing that your journey will have a positive, successful, happy ending!

We look forward to the day you’ll give thanks for your newborn child, and we encourage you to focus on these areas of thankfulness.

Know too that it’s okay to not feel thankful as you walk this road. There will be a brighter future ahead!