Ion channels and healthy sperm

At the Viera Fertility Center, we offer extensive fertility testing that includes male factor infertility testing to rule out any abnormalities in sperm contributions. Many male factor infertility issues can be adequately addressed with non-invasive treatment, and new research continues to support the importance of healthy sperm in the fertility treatment process.
Scientists are exploring physiological and biochemical factors for male infertility that may differentiate fertile sperm from infertile sperm. Proteins known as ion channels are crucial for sperm fertility and expressed within a sperm cell’s plasma membrane, and these ion channels are the focus of ongoing research.
If you’ve been unable to achieve pregnancy after trying for over a year, Dr. Chamoun is your Melbourne FL fertility treatment resource for male factor testing and a host of treatment options. If you’re unsure of how male factor fertility may be impacting your dream for a family, contact the Viera Fertility Center today for your non-invasive testing!


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