Healthy Body, Healthy Pregnancy

As fertility specialists in Viera, Florida it is our duty to inform our patients of how complicated conceiving a child can actually be. Once you begin to understand the human reproductive system, it becomes a wonder anyone becomes pregnant in the first place. Nevertheless, when couples decide to become parents and are unable to do so infertility can seem isolating. Health and nutrition play a large role in a person’s fertility. Teaching our patients the importance of a healthy body and the difference it can make for a couple’s reproductive health can have an impact on their ability to conceive and carry a child.

Your Body, Your Fertility

Fertility hinges on many things. First and foremost a healthy reproductive system. There are many things that must convalesce to create a healthy reproductive system. Physically unobstructed organs including ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and vagina for the woman, and for the male partner unobstructed testicles, seminal vesicles and urethra. In most cases there is nothing you can do to prevent a physically impaired reproductive system. If these organs are to become damaged it is commonly due to trauma or a congenital defect. These issues will be determined by your fertility doctor, and depending on the severity of the defect may or may not be surgically treated.

Hormones are one of the most important aspects of a healthy reproductive system. Hormones trigger our reproductive systems to cycle and facilitate fertilization. If hormones are disrupted fertility can be disrupted and cause a couple emotional pain and sorrow. Hormones belong to a system called the endocrine system. And every chemical (hormone) in this system is produced in various glands throughout the body. The pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, ovaries and testes are all examples of glands that specific hormones originate from. Hormones tell our bodies to do everything by communicating with our cells like messengers. Our endocrine system can be disrupted by aptly named chemicals, endocrine disrupters. They can be found in foods as well as household and industrial-grade chemicals, and can be brought on by poor diet and even stress. These chemicals disrupt our system by locking onto our hormones or hormone receptors which blocks the signal from reaching the desired cell. In terms of fertility, these chemicals can prevent ovulation from happening or diminishing the quality of sperm produced. By avoiding these disruptors and being mindful of your health, you can help to protect your fertility.

Staying Healthy for Your Fertility

When we are unhealthy our bodies are unable to function properly. If our endocrine system is out of whack due to an unhealthy weight, stress, or exposure to known endocrine disruptors, becoming pregnant becomes more of a challenge. By being mindful of the connection your overall health has on your reproductive health, you can make certain lifestyle changes that can positively affect your fertility. First, and most obviously stay away from known endocrine disruptors. Pesticides, BPA, DEHP, and phytoestrogens all cause disruption of the ovaries and testes. By learning what theses chemicals are and where they can be found (pesticides, plastics, and some plants – respectively) you can do your best to avoid them and protect your fertility. The next thing you can do to protect your endocrine system is to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. By eating whole foods and staying active you can give your whole body it’s best chances of firing on all cylinders. These foods contain the proper nutrition needed to keep the endocrine system and reproductive organs functioning properly.  By exercising you are also keeping off excess weight and ensuring that a healthy supply of blood and oxygen is reaching these systems also contributing to their well being. Exercising has also been shown to reduce stress which can affect a woman’s ability to become pregnant.

When the cause of fertility points to a disrupted endocrine system, the Fertility specialists at Viera Fertility Center may have you change your lifestyle just a bit. By becoming a healthier version of yourself, you may find that your endocrine system reboots and enables you and your partner to become parents without going through hormone therapy  or more invasive fertility treatments. If you have questions about how the health of your whole body can make an impact on the health of your reproductive system, schedule an appointment today.