Pregnancy and Maternal Health

The staff at our Viera fertility clinic are here to support your family’s journey through pregnancy. Maternal health is one factor we focus on at Viera Fertility, but it is an important consideration to support a healthy pregnancy. Maternal health begins prior to conception and continues after birth, so these tips apply throughout your pregnancy and as you support your growing family. Along with providing artificial insemination Melbourne fertility treatments may focus on maternal health for your success.

Maternal Health at Fertility Clinics

A fertility test at Viera Fertility may also examine maternal health which includes cardiovascular health and heart health risks. Some risk indicators include elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, abnormal heart rhythm, and non-typical heart beats per minute. Our health care providers evaluate your blood pressure and will continue to monitor your levels prior to and as your pregnancy continues. Blood pressure provides an indication of how efficiently blood circulates throughout your body. This blood circulation supplies oxygen and nutrients to your working muscles and to your growing baby. If blood pressure is elevated, it may be an indicator of thickening in your arteries which may lead to a greater risk for a heart attack. Although fertility treatment may increase blood pressure in the short term, long-term effects were shown to not create lasting blood pressure concerns. We will also monitor your heart beat to ensure your levels are not increasing or decreasing out of normal ranges for women during pregnancy.

Cardiovascular Risk Factors For Pregnancy

When starting your family, maternal health and risk factors are considered. Risk factors for cardiovascular events such as a heart attack and stroke include elevated blood pressure. Risks for elevated blood pressure include advancements in age, carrying excess weight, and previously struggling to control blood pressure. Our health care providers will speak to you about your risk factors. They may offer suggestions such as an eating plan to maintain a healthy blood pressure throughout your pregnancy.

Prior to pregnancy, speak with your health care provider regarding any cardiovascular risks you may have such as a family history of high blood pressure or heart disease to develop a prevention plan. Other strategies to consider before beginning fertility treatments include making healthy choices in your activity and eating plans and also finding ways to decrease stress to help deter high blood pressure.

During pregnancy, maternal health shifts to making immediate changes such as eliminating any unhealthy habits. Our health care providers will help you monitor your vitamin intake and; they also track any medications to ensure you and your baby remain healthy. Speak with us about an appropriate fitness program and monitoring your weight gain at appointments to maintain your heart health. Remember this is not a time to lose weight with an exercise routine. Instead, focus on other fitness benefits including maintaining balance, increasing flexibility and decreasing pregnancy discomforts such as sore lower back.

Following pregnancy, time for yourself changes. But you can still make conscious choices to focus on your health. This includes your eating and activity choices, avoiding unhealthy substances, and continuing your doctor’s appointments to track your body’s changes. Sleep is also an important component of your healing and recovery. It helps to decrease stress. All new moms are told sleep when your baby sleeps, if possible.

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As one of your local IVF clinics in Melbourne, FL, our health care providers are here to support your needs prior to, during and after pregnancy. We offer female and male fertility tests, guidance and support through your pregnancy. One of our main desires is to support maternal health and our staff would welcome the opportunity to care for you during this time. Your health needs include maintaining healthy blood pressure, weight, and activity levels. Our health staff provides information on all these maternal health needs. If you are searching for pregnancy and maternal health support, schedule an appointment with us today by calling 321-751-4673.