Foods impact male fertility

At Viera Fertility Center, we see each case of infertility as a complex opportunity to get all partners in a relationship working in concert to achieve pregnancy outcomes. Even when infertility factors are traced to the female patient, male partners can make an effort to boost their own fertility through sperm count and quality.

While  no single food can solve problems of low sperm count or quality, we do know that some foods and diet profiles diminish sperm count and sperm quality. In a study involving Danish men, men who ate meals high in saturated fats like processed foods, fatty meats and cheese has a 38% lower sperm concentration and 41% lower sperm count than men who did not eat saturated fats.

While one meal or one fatty snack will not likely cause any significant change in your sperm count, it’s important to remember the cumulative effects of diet and food choices. Particularly when the female partner is undergoing fertility treatment, male partners can boost their own sperm count and concentration to boost the couple’s overall odds.

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