Finding The Courage To Try Again

Building a family is one of the most amazing things a couple can do. Many people think of the challenges ahead such as potty training, and teaching their little one to ride a bike, or even drive the family car. What not many couples think about is the difficulty they may face in creating that family to begin with. One in every eight couples has difficulty conceiving and sustaining a pregnancy, and it’s a problem that we know very well here at Viera Fertility Center. There are many causes of infertility, and many corresponding treatments. After so many attempts and treatments, our goal is to help couples find the courage to try again.

Understanding Fertility

Fertility issues have many masks. Each and every couple will have a unique set of issues that are preventing them from conceiving. When these perfect storms collide, it can be depressing and many couples who yearn for a family can begin to lose hope. Understanding that conception is a miracle in itself can certainly boost the spirits. Every month a couple with no fertility issues has a 20-25 percent chance of conceiving. Within six months, sixty percent of those couples will have achieved pregnancy. However, that still leaves another forty percent who must continue to try. This can become discouraging for couples who desperately want to conceive, especially when they perceive this biological function as an easy thing. While it is true that once you’re at a certain age, you begin to see many of your friends having their first, second, or third child while you are left wondering what is wrong with you. This is certainly a dangerous road to walk, because there is nothing “wrong” with you. You may just need a little help.

To conceive a child many factors must line up. In fact, when you take into consideration all the factors that must line up to create a baby, you may wonder how anyone becomes pregnant at all. When a couple has unsuccessfully attempted to build a family after one year of earnest trying, seeking the help of a fertility doctor is advised. After testing, it is normally determined that ⅓ of fertility issues are attributed to issues with the female reproductive system, ⅓ are attributed to the male reproductive system, and the final third are a mix of both, and sometimes unknown.

For a female to conceive a child the uterus must be the correct shape, free of obstructions like polyps, cysts, or fibroids, her ovaries must be maturing and releasing viable eggs, and the fallopian tubes must be open and functioning correctly. Many women develop uterine cysts, fibroids and polyps as they mature from puberty. These can often show no outright symptoms until a woman is attempting to become pregnant. If the embryo cannot attach to the uterine wall due to any of these physical factors, pregnancy can become impossible to achieve. The next extremely important factor for female fertility is the levels of hormones in her body. Hormones determine everything about fertility and can be affected in many different ways. Age constitutes a major challenge but so can many medications and environmental factors. Thankfully there are many treatments that can help boost a woman’s hormone levels optimal for conception.

The second most important factor in becoming pregnant is the quality of the male’s sperm. Sperm must be motile, in good shape – in other words free of genetic abnormality, and able to make it to the uterus unobstructed. Many men have issues with their sperm due to environmental and genetic circumstances. Luckily after testing there are many different treatment options that can help couples achieve pregnancy.

Finding Courage

For couples who have tried and tried to become pregnant but have not found success yet, finding the courage to seek help and try again can be difficult. Many people go through these challenges, yet they don’t give up. This is because after the testing, trying, and testing again there is always the hope of having a baby to snuggle at the end of the day. At Viera Fertility Center, we will do our best to discover the reason for your infertility and create a plan to fix the problem or work around it. Understand that finding fertility is never easy. Know that you have a community of couples just like you, and an experienced team of fertility specialists on your side to help you get through the hardest part of your struggle. No matter how many times it takes, we will help you find the courage to try again. .