Fertility Testing

Fertility testing is typically the first step to take when overcoming conception challenges. If you are beginning the process of uncovering infertility issues, our helpful and supportive staff at Viera Fertility Clinic want to help. We welcome the opportunity to identify any physical limitations that may be slowing the conception process. Fertility testing can lead to fertility blessings as we also offer solutions to overcome many infertility challenges.

Male Fertility Testing

Our doctors gather your health history information to determine if any genetic conditions may be limiting your ability to conceive. Your health and medical history are also beneficial for providing fertility treatment options as we work with your body to help you conceive. Male fertility testing at our Melbourne fertility clinic includes:

  • An examination of semen to determine sperm mobility and semen quality
  • A hormonal evaluation
  • Genetic testing

Female Fertility Testing

Female fertility testing at Viera Fertility Clinic includes thorough physical examinations, hormonal testing, and ovulation monitoring. Our health professionals evaluate your body to determine if everything is working together toward conceiving your baby. We also evaluate your medical and health history to uncover any family health challenges that may be limiting conception. Once we have answers to your tests, we then put together a step-by-step plan toward conception, which may include speaking with a counselor to maintain your positive mental health as you proceed through the testing and conceiving process. Female fertility testing at our Melbourne fertility clinic includes:

  • Pelvic examinations of your uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries
  • A hormonal evaluation
  • Genetic testing

More About Fertility Testing

Most of our fertility tests for both partners are non-invasive. Some may include blood draws to evaluate hormone levels or to test for genetic concerns. However, many are physical examinations and evaluations. Depending on your body and your individual needs, our health professionals may ask for a hysterosalpingogram (HSG), or a laparoscopic procedure to get a closer look at your uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes, since the health and function of these organs are one of the key elements in conception. Other tests we use include pelvic ultrasounds to evaluate the health and position of the reproductive organs.

Tests and Treatment

The benefits of these procedures provide our doctors with the information needed to develop a conception plan. For instance, if we determine that hormone levels are low, we may suggest medication to reestablish hormone levels that make conception easier. Or, if a fallopian tube is blocked by a cyst, we will provide guidance on removing the cyst. Our medical professionals work with you every step of the way, from gathering your health and medical history to fertility testing and, if necessary, into our treatment options.

Contact Viera Fertility Clinic

The sooner you begin fertility testing, the sooner we are able to provide fertility treatment options. Our team gently guides you through fertility testing and works with you to decide which treatment options work for you. Fertility testing is typically performed on both partners, so we have the best information to guide us. We look forward to sharing with you the ways our fertility testing can lead toward overcoming fertility challenges. Whether this is your first experience with fertility testing or if you have been working through the process for a while, we look forward to helping you reach your conception goal. Our health professionals answer all your questions and hope to meet you soon. Schedule your appointment with Viera Fertility Clinic by calling 321-751-4673 today.