Fertility Preservation: Preparing For Your Future

 Making the decision to start a family is one of the biggest decisions of your life. Knowing the right time is incredibly important for every aspect of your current and future family. Fertility preservation re-sets the biological clock, making it possible to plan for the future without the stress of fertility concerns down the road.

The process of saving or protecting eggs, sperm, or reproductive tissue so that they can be used in the future puts a whole new world of options at your fingertips for family planning.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Fertility Preservation?

There are all sorts of reasons why a family may decide to utilize fertility preservation services. For some, the reasons are purely financial—it makes more sense to start a family after finances are a bit more settled than your current situation. Putting off a child by only a couple of years could mean greater opportunities within your career. This could mean greater financial success and even a bit less financial stress when you do feel ready for your family.

For others, the desire to put off beginning a family may have more to do with personal objectives and experiences, like traveling or serving in the Military. Still, for others, the desire to start a family may not coalesce with your interpersonal relationships in the way that you would like. Fertility preservation puts family planning back on the table when you and your future partner are ready.

Fertility preservation also makes it possible to continue building your family after coping with medical issues. This method makes it possible to delay having children while making your current health a priority. It’s normal for women coping with genetic diseases, undergoing treatment for cancer, or seeking treatment for autoimmune diseases, like lupus, to continue building their family under better circumstances.

How Does Fertility Preservation Work?

There are several different fertility-preservation options available for both males and females. Men can preserve sperm for future use through a process called sperm cryopreservation, which is when the semen is frozen and stored for future use. Men who are undergoing radiation treatment, as in for cancer, may also benefit from the use of gonadal shielding. This is a highly modern technology that aims rays on the most minimal area possible while still providing adequate treatment.

These fertility preservation options differ slightly for females. Gonadal shielding is also available for women who are undergoing radiation therapy for health reasons. Cryopreservation is available for embryos, just as it is available for semen, but there are additional options, as well.


Traditional embryo cryopreservation requires the removal of eggs from the ovaries. Once those eggs are fertilized with the selected sperm, the fertilized eggs are frozen for future use. Oocyte cryopreservation is very similar to embryo cryopreservation, except that the eggs that are frozen and stored are unfertilized, so the sperm donation can be determined in the future, as well.

Ovarian Transportation

Finally, there is an option called ovarian transportation. This is where the ovaries and fallopian tube are relocated as minimally as possible in preparation for radiation therapy so the ovaries are not damaged and future fertility options are preserved. This is a unique option that provides even young children with the opportunity to maintain their options for fertility far into the future, despite being too young to make decisions about fertility at the time of their treatment.

Your Options With Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation is a life-changing option that makes it possible to truly put fertility in your own hands, despite whatever obstacles are currently in your way. For many families, the option to put off fertility for a couple of years means bringing children into a more stable home. While health issues may make thinking about fertility options for the future a necessity, there are plenty of other incredibly legitimate reasons as to why fertility preservation may be a suitable option for your needs. Contact Viera Fertility to learn more about your options.