Fertility and Celiac disease

The trend toward gluten-free food has taken the diet industry by storm. In fact, a small percentage of the US population has been formally diagnosed with wheat sensitivity or intolerance (such as with Celiac disease).

There are, however, associations between Celiac disease and wheat intolerance with infertility. In the studies summarized in a recent article, researchers have discovered:

  • a higher rate of occurrence of spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) among women with Celiac disease
  • among women diagnosed with unexplained fertility, there is a higher rate of occurrence of Celiac disease than in the general population, and
  • 4.1% of all women diagnosed with infertility also have Celiac disease.

While this data may encourage women struggling with infertility to attempt a gluten-free diet, be sure to discuss any dramatic changes to your diet with Dr. Chamoun at Viera Fertility Center before you begin.

If you’ve struggled with infertility with or without copresent Celiac disease, contact your Melbourne fertility treatment center today!