Cystic fibrosis and male infertility?

At Viera Fertility Center, we’re your Melbourne FL fertility treatment resource for issues associated with both male and female infertility. Increasingly, scientists are discovering new links between well-known diseases or conditions and their impact on fertility. Management of chronic conditions means a higher quality of life for patients, but it also means more sufferers discovering that fertility is negatively impacted by certain conditions.

For male patients, cystic fibrosis is one such condition. Cystic fibrosis (CF) could be considered two diseases, one that affects multiple organs including the lungs, and one that doesn’t affect the lungs at all, according to a multicenter team led by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Nine variants in the gene associated with cystic fibrosis can lead to male infertility, but leave the lungs unharmed.

This means that a male partner with well-controlled cystic fibrosis can unexpectedly encounter problems trying to conceive. With the help of Viera Fertility Center, Dr. Chamoun can assist families in conceiving using a variety of methods to limit the affects of this condition.


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