Coping with Grief: Letter-Writing

In our last post, we encouraged individuals experiencing infertility to practice journaling as a way to work through the grief of infertility. Today, we turn to letter-writing as complementary writing exercise designed to help refocus your energy help you stay motivated about the baby on the other side of the process. At Viera Fertility Center, we believe in the dream of your family!

Some patients benefit from writing letters to the babies that they have miscarried or the baby they’re hoping for. Oftentimes, people find it helpful to name a baby lost through miscarriage even if you don’t share the name with others. We know that each child conceived is evidence of your desire for a growing family. We mourn losses with you, even knowing that we’re working toward the eventual successful pregnancy we hope for.

If writing to your miscarried babies or to the baby you hope to welcome home is a way to refocus your energy, remain positive, and deal with the emotional challenges of infertility, we highly encourage you to give it a try as you continue working with your Melbourne fertility clinic team. If you’re struggling with the grief of infertility, call us today and we will help!