Coping with Grief: Journaling

At Viera Fertility Center, we believe in the dream of your family. And while we’ve covered the grief stages of denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance that will be a part of your journey to fertility, we also want to equip you with tools to work through your grief as you await the baby of your dreams.

Dr. Chamoun encourages patients to channel their creativity and focus on projects that inspire well-being and hopefulness. Accompanied with excellent medical care, staying positive is an important part of preparing for parenthood. Some families benefit from the practice of journaling. It’s an outlet for chronicling feelings you may not want to express to friends and family. If you’re feeling angry, journaling can help purge those negative feelings. Online blogging is another way to journal more publicly and to connect with families experiencing their own journey toward fertility.

No matter how you cope during the Melbourne IVF cycle or the fertility treatments, be sure to enact processes that bring you hope and  healing. Cultivating those positive emotions may help you to make it through the sleepless nights of parenthood ahead!