Coping with Grief: Acceptance

At Viera Fertility Center, we want you to understand that you’re not walking through infertility alone and we understand the grief you experience through the journey. We want you to know that you’ll experience a range of emotions throughout the process–all working toward the joy of your long-sought precious baby! And Dr. Chamoun is thrilled to help bring you to a place of acceptance as you experience a healthy pregnancy.

While the grief that accompanies infertility can be overwhelming while couples cycle through denial, anger, depression, and bargaining, there is ultimately an acceptance that comes as we work through the process. If you are able to reach a feeling of acceptance where you know it’s going to be okay no matter the outcome, you are able to reclaim your life from infertility. You can let go of the dream of an easily-achieved pregnancy and begin to consider treatments that will ultimately help you achieve a successful birth.

There are many options that confront couples during treatment, and the acceptance that parenthood will eventually happen is useful in thinking clearly about those choices. Dr. Chamoun is experienced in helping couples at all stages during the grief cycle achieve pregnancy, and we stand ready to pursue the fertility treatment in Melbourne that will help you achieve your dreams of an expanded family!