Common Male Infertility Symptoms & Causes

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 48 million couples have fertility issues throughout the world. According to the National Institutes of Health, around nine percent of men in the United States suffer from problems with infertility. While these figures represent the struggle with male infertility on a large scale, men in the Melbourne, FL. region, and the surrounding area, face this problem frequently. By understanding the signs and causes of this common issue, you’re on your first step to treatment.


The main symptom of infertility is not being able to conceive a baby with your partner after a year or longer. However, you may experience other issues that signify a male infertility issue, such as the following:

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction means that you have a problem at some point during sexual intercourse. For example, you may have reduced sexual desires or you might struggle to achieve an erection. On the other hand, you may have difficulty maintaining an erection adequate for sexual relations. Sexual dysfunction could also include having difficulty achieving an orgasm.

Low Semen Amount Released

You may notice that you only ejaculate small amounts when you reach climax. A low volume of semen could mean you have an issue with the stage of ejaculation that occurs when the semen accumulates in the urethral bulb before being released.

Decreased Facial or Body Hair

You may notice a reduction in your body or facial hair from a hormonal imbalance. It could affect your sex drive. In some cases, the imbalance may cause a decrease in sperm production or a change in sperm motility, shape, or size.

Absence of Sense of Smell

Kallmann syndrome is an issue that fertility clinics may treat. It occurs when a male either has delayed, incomplete, or absent puberty. If you never receive treatment for this condition, it could lead to infertility. Your specialist from your Melbourne IVF clinic may be able to distinguish this condition from others because it can cause an impaired sense of smell.

Breast Growth

While you may have excess breast tissue if you gain weight, take notice if you have abnormal breast growth — that of which isn’t associated with weight gain. It could be an issue known as gynecomastia. With this condition, you could also notice a discharge from your nipples. Generally, this could mean you have a hormonal imbalance.


Hormonal Imbalance

As briefly mentioned above, a hormonal imbalance could affect your sex drive or sperm. For instance, your body could produce a higher than normal amount of estrogen. On the other hand, low testosterone could cause fertility issues.

An Undescended Testicle

If you have an undescended testicle, it could affect your fertility. Sometimes, male infertility stems from defects in one of the tubes that transport sperm. If one of the tubes becomes blocked from surgery, trauma, or an infection, the sperm may not mix with the seminal fluid and exit the penis upon ejaculation. Some places where you may experience blockage include the ones in the epididymis, vas deferens, or the urethra.

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your intestines when you consume gluten. It causes infertility issues in some men.


Certain medications could also lead to infertility. That’s why your practitioner will thoroughly assess your medical history before recommending fertility treatment. For example, your doctor will look to see if you take anabolic steroids, a chemotherapy drug, or testosterone replacement therapy, all of which could interfere with fertility.

Particularly if you have diabetes or a spinal injury, a specialist will inquire about your ejaculation and may perform a fertility test in Melbourne to assess if you’re ejaculating normally or could be experiencing retrograde ejaculation.

Fertility Testing

Your doctor will administer several tests to identify the cause of your fertility issue. Then, you’ll receive an appropriate treatment plan to try to correct the problem. Additionally, your practitioner may recommend lifestyle changes that can increase fertility. These changes may include a certain type of diet, exercise, or ways to find stress relief.

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