Caution over detoxification diets and impact on fertility

Research has indicated a link between women’s fertility and lack of dietary elements common during detoxification. If you’re concerned about your diet and fertility, contact your Melbourne IVF specialists at Viera Fertility Center.

Often, these vitamin and herbal remedy products contain natural elements and minerals that occur regularly in diets anyway. But the problem is with unregulated dosing and with unknown effects of higher vitamin and mineral intake. Selenium, for example, has been shown as incredibly important in the early stages of fertility and if it is removed through detoxification or cleansing diets or taken in too high dosages, the fertility mechanisms relying on Selenium may be disrupted. The best best is to eat a varied, healthful diet and to avoid untested and unregulated products as you’re attempting to become pregnant.

If you’re concerned about becoming pregnant, contact Dr. Chamoun for the help your family needs today!