The Benefits of a Nutrient Dense Diet and Fertility

As a Melbourne fertility clinic committed to helping community members get pregnant, we recognize that nutrition plays a vital role. It’s also essential to recognize that a nutrient-dense diet encourages the bodies of men and women alike. The wide-reaching research regarding natural pregnancy and the proven artificial insemination Melbourne residents enjoy points to specific elements of diets. The experienced staff at Viera Fertility hope the information about the link between daily nutrient intake and getting pregnant helps you make informed decisions.

What Nutrients Support Women’s Improved Fertility?

Research indicates that men and women require slightly different nutrients to promote fertility. This stands to reason, given that each partner brings different elements to the procreation process. On the woman’s part, the following nutrients appear to have a positive effect on conceiving with or without medical intervention.

Studies also point to healthy eating in the context of the Mediterranean diet adding value to fertility. Such daily diets typically revolve around plant-based food sources such as vegetables, beans, nuts, berries, and fruits. The Mediterranean diet usually includes modest amounts of poultry, dairy, seafood, and eggs, among others. Eating this way emphasizes high nutritional values and healthy fats.

Nutritional data regarding female fertility surprisingly indicates that items such as moderate caffeine and alcohol have little impact on fertility rates among women. But what does appear to negatively affect efforts to get pregnant include unhealthy trans fats, red meat, processed foods, and sweetened drinks.

What Nutrients Support Men’s Improved Fertility?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, approximately 15 percent of couples struggle with fertility. The reality is that infertility proves to be a physical issue for women and men almost equally worldwide. But the good news is that males can monitor their diets in strategic ways to support increased testosterone and healthy sperm counts. Nutrient-dense diets that include the following are generally encouraged.

  • Folic Acid
  • Potassium
  • Protein
  • Vitamins C, D, and E
  • Zinc

Men typically require higher protein levels to maintain muscle mass and produce sperm. Research also points to alcohol and caffeine usage as different between the genders. Daily alcohol use by men appears to have a negative effect on healthy sperm production. Also, excessive stress may negatively impact sperm counts.

What may prove valuable to couples who plan nutritious meals together is that the Mediterranean diet may cover most of or all the bases. Studies indicate that fruits, raw vegetables, whole-grain products, nuts, and seafood deliver the essential nutrients needed for healthy male sperm. Lean poultry and low-fat dairy can also be a valuable protein resource in this regard.

Dietary Tips That Support Improved Fertility

After initially visiting our Melbourne clinic, it’s not uncommon for people to increase the nutrient levels in their daily diets. It’s important to understand that a balanced and well-rounded diet remains a cornerstone of bodily functions. Excessive vitamin A, for example, can inhibit fertility and be potentially harmful to a developing unborn child. Moderation and carefully planning nutrition with a fertility specialist could prove invaluable. Consider the following health and nutritional tips when wanting to conceive.

  • Maintain a healthy body weight when trying to get pregnant.
  • Reduce or eliminate eating fast-foods.
  • Minimize or eliminate sweetened beverages.
  • Decrease or eliminate alcohol consumption.
  • Ask a medical professional about increasing Folic Acid intakes.
  • Consult with a medical professional about prenatal vitamins.

Although healthy diets remain critical to improved fertility, each person can react differently to food groups. That’s why women and men considering pregnancy would be well served to undergo a preconception consultation.

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