3D sperm selection on the horizon

A recent publication in The Optical Society sheds light on a new technology that allows doctors to view live sperm in three dimensions, which could assist in fertility medicine.

Doctors may soon have a new technique to help them sort the good sperm cells from the less viable ones: a tracking system that takes 3-D movies of living sperm. At the Viera Fertility Center, our techniques for determining the most effective sperm for insemination are effective and proven, but the novelty of 3-D tracking is intriguing.

In addition to showing the sperm’s movement and behavior in real time, the new video imaging allows viewers to analyze the sperm’s form and structure to detect potential infertility-causing anomalies. This is particularly important when fertility issues remain unresolved or when both partners have factors contributing to infertility.

We look forward to continued advances in the treatment of infertility, and Dr. Chamoun is your Melbourne fertility clinic contact for the most advanced treatments available.


The Optical Society. (2014, February 11). First 3-D movies of living sperm help doctors select best for IVF. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 24, 2014 from www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/02/140211103336.htm