US Birth Rates and YOUR Fertility

Neil Shah of The Wall Street Journal wrote this weekend that unmarried women now drive fertility trends in the United States, and this demographic is also opting for fewer children once they do undergo treatment.

The evidence indicates that the birth rate has increased slightly in 2014, but not to where rates where pre-recession. And it seems that married women are largely responsible for the boom, whereas birth rates for unmarried women continue to decline. In an era where the majority of women in their child-bearing prime are unmarried, the stagnation in that demographic may point to stagnation for the country overall.

At Viera Fertility, we know that national trends tell only a portion of the story and that each family related to these trends in different ways. Perhaps you’re in what you thought would be “prime” child-bearing years and things just aren’t happening without help. Perhaps you’re single and ready to parent alone. Perhaps you’ve had a traditional family and now you’re longing for one more family member. No matter your story and how you relate to national statistics, Dr. Chamoun can help you achieve your parenting dreams. Your American dream!

For a closer look at Shah’s article on declining birth rates among unmarried women: